About Volt

VoLT – Village of Linton Trust – was founded in 2014 as a reaction to concerns raised over the long term future of the church building. St Mary’s occupies a prominent position within the village and should it ever be closed – as a result of structural problems or the church rationalising their diocese – then the impact of the village centre could be substantial. 

Further to this the congregation was both reducing in numbers and increasing in age and the burden in maintaining this beautiful church was being bourn by just a few people. The initial meetings held by the village, to address this problem, felt that a shared aspect to the care for this church was important to help to maintain it’s viability and create a degree of responsibility for the whole village – church goers or not.  A number of people volunteered to help out and after much discussion the result was the Village of Linton Trust – VoLT. 

Further discussion ensued between these founder members and it was decided that the aims of this fledgling charity were as follows:-

  • to build a capital fund for the future to provide money should major repairs be required which would allow the church to remain structurally intact and safe.
  • to act as a conduit to focus practical help from volunteers within the community to help the existing congregation maintain the church.
  • to widen the remit of the group to include the heritage of the village in ways which were compatible with central aims of the charity.

It was never intended to provide an ongoing day to day funding for the running cost of the church as this is clearly the responsibility of the PCC and church congregation.

This was formalised in our governing constitution of which the purposes are:-

•The primary purpose of the Village of Linton Trust (VoLT) is to provide financial and practical assistance to help conserve and maintain Linton church building and its grounds.
• In addition, VoLT will seek to help maintain the heritage and appearance of Linton village in ways that are compatible with the primary purpose.
• The charity (VoLT) will achieve its purpose by building a capital fund over the long term and by managing and administering funds in response to received requests.

Here is the constitution in full: