VoLT has supported a number projects which are compatible with our aims, these include:-

The Preaching Cross/Assembly Cross

Recently, Volt has funded 50% of the cost for the conservation of this medieval monument in St Mary’s churchyard. The work was completed by Simon Hudson, the stonemason of Hereford Cathedral. During the 19th century, a post and cross was installed upon the medieval base stone, and this is used on Remembrance Sunday to lay wreaths upon – so it is an important part of the village heritage. The work included the repair of a crack and repointing which will ensure the cross remains sound for the foreseeable future.  Thanks to Ernst Zillkens for facilitating this work.

Church Lighting

The lighting in the churchyard was old and approaching the end of its life. The decision was made to replace it with more energy efficient and brighter LED lights, which didn’t require bulb replacement hence making it safer to maintain. VoLT were approached to help fund replacement lighting on the path leading to the church. With this path being the only off-road route to the Village Hall from the centre of the village, this was something we were happy to support. The new lighting has now been installed and is providing a valuable service to church members and villagers.

Litter Pick

An ongoing project is that of removing litter throughout the village. Frustratingly, this is a persistent issue and we thank everyone who has volunteered to help support us in our efforts to keep the village clean and attractive.  VoLT has worked closely with Herefordshire Council on their “Stop the Drop“ campaign with organised litter picks scheduled throughout the year including the “Great British Spring Clean”. Our constant liaison with Herefordshire Council on this matter has resulted in the village being nominated to prototype new anti-littering signage for Herefordshire.

Dog Littering

Similarly to litter, dog mess has been a recurring issue in the village. In 2019, VoLT worked with Herefordshire Council to acquire and install official “Clean Up after your Dog” signs in strategic points.

Church Artefacts

In early 2019, an historic medieval artefact was stolen from inside Linton Church. VoLT supported a fundraising event which, along with another fundraiser and private donations helped to finance the work required to secure the remaining historic church artefacts. We are grateful to everyone who made this possible.

The Defibrillator

Early on we decided to convert the underused phone box into something useful and of benefit to the village. Several suggestions were made and finally we decided on a defibrillator. The phone box was restored and a publicly available defibrillator installed. A couple of training events were held to ensure all were confident in its use. More information about the defibrillator and how to use it is located here

Future Projects

Should you have a project that you feel fits the aims of Volt, then we would welcome your grant application. Please contact a trustee who will guide you through the process involved and help you complete our grant application form. The trustees meet at least 3 times a year when these will be considered.

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