Defibrillator Information

The village defibrillator is located in the old telephone box just outside the Alma Inn. This was provided by Volt for the benefit of the village and visitors.

Should it ever be needed then whilst it can be used by untrained people some familiarisation is useful and in an emergency situation things can seem more complicated.

The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is an i-Pad CU-SP1 and is self maintaining but is checked regularly.
You will not need this information when using it, but should you want to know more about the unit, before needing it in real life, then you will be familiar with the actual model.
By searching the web I have found a couple of videos which may be useful. The first is familiarisation video which takes about 8 minutes so please have a look whilst having a coffee – if you ever need it then it could help save a life. This is no substitute for proper training but as you will see the AED guides even untrained people to safely use the

The second video is more detailed, about 30 minutes, and covers unit the AED in real time on a mannequin, then going over it more thoroughly explains the process. Again this is not intended to replace hands on training but will help should the situation arise.

Should you be interested in a training session, or helping to regularly check the AED over then please contact the trustees.

Thank You