AGM 2021

Thank you for your interest in the Village of Linton AGM. This year it will be held via zoom on 15th May 2021 at 11 am, the login details will be sent to members directly but should interested parties wish to attend they can and the login details can be obtained by contacting . The Trustees wish this to be as inclusive as possible so should you be unable to use zoom or have other difficulties which will prevent you from attending this, but wish to, please contact the trustees at the same email address or by ringing 0752 1117 608 or contacting one of the trustees. We will then endeavour to assist your participation.


The following documents are for your information:-


The Trustees have agreed that any questions to be raised in relation to the AGM should be submitted to them at least 1 week beforehand. By providing the minutes, accounts and agenda beforehand, this will allow the members to read and compile any questions you may have. If you have any questions, please contact the committee via email so that we may have time to prepare a complete response. The nature of zoom means this will provide a more structured approach allowing a better and more informative meeting.