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VoLT AGM 2021

The Trustees have decided that the AGM will be held on 15th May 2021 at 11 am which will be held via Zoom. The zoom meeting details will be sent to the members nearer the time and can be requested by any interested party by contacting the trustees by email: .

Full details including relevant documents, minutes and accounts are here.

Defibrillator Information

A new page has been added with information about the village Automated External Defibrillator (AED), this includes the model number and some familiarisation videos of the same model. Have a look when you can here.

November Newsletter Information

In the chimes and newsletter we mentions a few things that we did not have space to give all the details.

Please consider either becoming a member see here or by subscribing to our newsletters by clicking here. Thank you.

Ebay Selling

Currently we have stopped taking on new items for sale but last year we had a diverse selection of things to sell – from an empty whiskey bottle to a collection of vintage clothes. Keep an eye out for things you might want us to sell for you – thereby making a donation and getting some cash for you. .

2021 Calendar

Lots of calendars were sold last year and we are planning on repeating this for 2022. We would love to have lots of pictures from local photographer . Please keep an eye out for suitable pictures throughout the year.

Order yours by phoning or texting the volt-line – 0752 1117 608 or by completing the form here.

Volt 2021 Calendar

VoLT Snowdrop Competition

Congratulations to Charlotte Newton for winning this competition. The prize – a pot of snowdrops of course which she is planting in their verge for everyone to enjoy.

Did you know?

Snowdrops are native to mainland Europe and not the UK.  Although they may have been grown as an ornamental garden plant in the 16th century, there is record of them growing in the wild until the late 18th century.