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Defibrillator Information

A new page has been added with information about the village Automated External Defibrillator (AED), this includes the model number and some familiarisation videos of the same model. Have a look when you can here.

November Newsletter Information

In the chimes and newsletter we mentions a few things that we did not have space to give all the details.

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VoLT’s primary purpose to help share the responsibility of the care of the church with the wider community with a secondary purpose to help with the heritage and appearance of the wider village. We have produced a physical newsletter this time but it is time consuming and we would like to involve more people in the process of helping the village. Please consider either becoming a member see here or by subscribing to our newsletters by clicking here. Thank you.

Ebay Selling

This is an opportunity for you to let us sell some of your surplus possessions. If you want to maximise the money you get then we would suggest you sell these yourself but if you are not familiar with it then let us have a go and make a donation out of the proceeds. We will take pictures, add a description and list for you. If it sells then we will pack and despatch it for you and collect the money via PayPal. We will then give you the money less an agreed ‘donation’. This is initially as a trial and we will probably make changes as we go. We will suggest a donation rate for you and this will decrease as the selling price increases but you should consider this as a donation and you could get some money back. For more details email or ring Nigel on 720 189.

2020 Calendar

This year we are producing an A4 calendar featuring 12 local landscapes taken by local residents. This is in the final stages of production and we are producing to order although we have a few samples you can look at if you want. These cost £3 each and we need your orders as soon as possible but by end of November at the latest.

Order yours by phoning or texting the volt-line – 0752 1117 608 or by completing the form here.

Volt 2020 Calendar

VoLT Snowdrop Competition

Let’s look forward to the first sign of spring and also help the Woodland Trust understand the impact of climate change on wildlife.  

Guess the date of the first snowdrop to bloom in the churchyard. Our independent assessor has been appointed.

£1 per guess. 

Register your guess on the VOLT website click here and/or hand your money to one of the trustees.   Alternatively just write your guess(es) on a piece of paper with your name and contact details, put into an envelope with your £1 per guess and post in the VoLT letterbox in the old phone box near the Alma.

Did you know?

Snowdrops are native to mainland Europe and not the UK.  Although they may have been grown as an ornamental garden plant in the 16th century, there is record of them growing in the wild until the late 18th century.